Man proposing with ring.

How to propose to your partner

Proposing to your new… fiancé You are looking to propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you have no idea where to start. We’ve compiled six easy steps for you…
Pink themed balloons.

What you need for the best party

Must-have props and fixtures At Eventle, we love creating fun, quirky and enjoyable parties for our clients and their guests. It’s often regarded that food and music makes the party…
Hosting a house party.

Hosting a party at home

Organising an event at home? Before you start off on your journey to host a party at home, there is a few things you will need to consider to ensure…
Hosting a party at home.

How to plan a party at home

Hosting a party is never easy and for many it’s a very daunting experience. But it can also be incredibly fun and rewarding if you get it right. If you’re…
Online invitations

Online invitations or paper invites?

Should I use online invitations for guests to RSVP? Physical wedding invitations are great, and there’s something cute and special about receiving an invitation which is wax sealed. But if…