Organise your marriage proposal

Propose to your partner

We understand how stressful and difficult it can be to propose to your partner, especially when your partner is prone to finding things out easily. That’s why we exist! You no longer need to hide away from your fianc√© and you will not run the risk of getting caught out. We’re great at organising surprises, with a brilliant success rate.

We can help you with the following:

  • Source a venue or arrange your bookings
  • Source high quality flowers
  • Organise the very best champagne
  • Organise a delicious meal for two (or more!)
  • Organise your transport, before and after you have proposed
  • Organise entertainment such as a saxophone player
  • Find the best photographer to capture the moment.

We’ll be as discreet as possible so your partner doesn’t find out!

We will only email so your partner does not find out – if you give us a time and date – we can arrange a call.

Man proposing to girlfriend

Let’s help you propose to your partner