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So you are looking to hire a party venue in London or the surrounding areas. You do not know where to start, and you don’t know what to look for. Well, you’ve come to the right place! From luxurious to affordable, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve defined a list of our favourite quirky, unusual, stylish and luxurious venues around the capital, making your life that much easier! You’re welcome.

Whether you are looking to host your wedding the Landmark Hotel, your birthday at the Natural History Museum or your anniversary at London Skybar – we’ve got you sorted.

We’ve listed below some useful tips on what to look to make you go from beginner to expert!

Hiring the Postal Museum

The top venues

What to look for when choosing a venue

When looking for a venue, there is a lot to consider. Each venue will have its merits and sometimes you will find it difficult to find a venue with everything on your checklist. You will have to prioritise, carefully considering what will be important for you and your guests.

Read on to find out what you may need to think about when selecting the perfect venue.


How many people will you be able to fit? Will guests be standing or sitting? Is there space for a dance floor?


Will all your guests be able to get to and use the facilities easily? It’s really important that you can cater for all disabilities. UK law requires all public premises to plan and build around wheelchair access.


Are you able to use your own catering or will you have to use the venue’s own catering? Does the venue have its own preferred caterers that you must use? Are there kitchen facilities or will the caterers need to set up a mobile kitchen?


Lot’s of venues have become increasingly accommodating and they include lots of fixtures that you may find handy. These can sometimes lower your overall event costs. Will you need to hire projectors, speakers and moving lights or are these included in the venue?


Is the venue suitable for your theme? Are there high ceilings for you to dangle inflatables? Will you need to hire someone to dress up the venue for your theme or is it perfect as it is?

Outdoor shelter and heating

We all know British whether is really unpredictable at the best of times, so if you are hosting your event outdoors, particularly in the winter it would be worth checking if you can use shelter and heating to protect guests from the elements!


When will the venue give you and your suppliers permission to start decorating? Usually venues will let you start decorating on the day. You may incur further costs if you need to work during anti-social hours.


Often forgotten about, but parking is really importantly, especially if transport isn’t great. Is there enough parking to accommodate all guests? Will suppliers and contractors be able to park their large vehicles to deliver?

Additional fees

It’s recommended that you look into all possible cost you may incur. Will you have to pay to use any extra facilities? Is there a corkage charge for bringing in your own drinks?

Venue to do list and checklist

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